Excelsior Station

There are many who are working tirelessly to eradicate violence in our society.

They are fools.

Our Universe was born in the ultimate act of violence, the Big Bang.

The Universe is violent with galaxy collisions, black holes, supernovas.

Our sun is violent with its mass coronal ejections, solar storms and the fusion process itself blasting out heat and radiation.

Our planet grew out of the countless violent impacts of meteors.

Our planet itself is violent with earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, avalanches.

Our weather is violent with tornadoes, blizzards, hail, lightning.

Every living thing on this planet is violent. Even the plant life and that will seek to grab all the sunlight and nutrients it they can.Right down to the microscopic life that are the single celeld organisms, right down to the smallest virus.

And then there's us.

Our entertainment is rife with violence, from news reports to sports to television and stage. We blast apart the landscape, chop down teh trees to make way for our homes and cities. We rip the minerals from the planet itself with explsives, hammers and drills.

We are hardwired to be violent.

Given all that, it is impossible to eradicate violence from our society. And it is a fool's errand to try to do so.

What we must do is understand this and accept it. I do not say embrace violence, but make it ours. It is part of who and what we are. Once we accept this, once we own our violence, then we can work on channeling it. That's right, we can channel in which direction we focus our violence.

Violence is not inherently evil. After all, the hammering of a nail to build a house isn't evil. Football isn't evil. Fighting warlords and dictators isn't evil.

If you wish to discuss any of this, feel free to do so on G+. I do a lot of things during the day and G+ is my preferred social media and the one I check throughout the day. I don't do private discussions, I'm not afraid of being public with my thoughts. Feel free to disagree with me, but don't be insulting about it.